Graphika Manila 2017: Day One

Another year, another Graphika Manila!

Yes. Day. One. Because ever since last year, Graphika Manila holds a two-day conference!

(Side comment: First “vlog” for me! Oo, “vuma-vlog” na!)

It practically became a tradition for Via and I to attend the awesome conference on creativity every year. Every year, we learn, and see new things from the incredible speakers from all over the world! Every year, we also hope to win a raffle prize. But, for n-years straight, we are still unlucky. ­čśó Well, there is still a next year! ­čśŤ

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Let’s Get Crafty: Daiso’s Needle Felting Animal Kit

What is needle felting?

It is the process of turning wool roving into 3-D objects using a sharp needle. Basically what you’ll need are a wool, felting needle, and felting surface.

Wool that is used for needle felting is called roving wool. However, other types of wool of your liking can also be used.

The felting needle is different from the regular sewing or tapestry needly, in that it has very sharp barbed blades on it that helps agitate the wool.

Lastly, the felting surface can be a thick piece of sponge or foam. It prevents you from poking yourself with the needle. This one I didn’t have when I tried the kit from Daiso. As such, I poked my finger in the process. Ouch! Top tip: be very careful in handling the needle, and please use a felting surface to rest your wool on.

How to do needle felting?

Poke! Poke! and Poke! hahaha! Form your wool or roll it into the shape you desire, and begin poking it with your needle. As you agitate the wool more, you will feel it becoming more stiff. This means the wool is beginning to felt together. As you repeat the process, the more you poke the wool the smaller and more compact it gets.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, but be very careful in handling the felting needle. It’s no fun stabbing yourself with it. Daiso’s kit is very affordable. With the price SGD 2 you can already try needle felting. They come in very cute designs too!



The Life Hacks of Presentable Writing on Multiple Pieces of Blank Paper

Yes, Sundae Scoops is alive. Hallelujah!

If you’ve been wondering where we’ve been… the three of us went on a┬ámini holiday break last December. I extended finishing some projects a few weeks after. Elaine and I attended Graphika Manila last week… and finally, we’re back… with stories to tell. *wink wink*

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My Favorite 2016 Project

This year, I fell in love with crochet. It is at a point wherein every time I finish a crochet project, I look for more projects and buy more yarn. Right now, I have about a dozen things I want to create. And, I just realized that after just months of starting crochet, I have more shawls that I would ever need in this Philippine weather.

However, crochet products are not limited to clothes and kitchen accessories. This year, I learned that stuffed toys can be made with crochet. Can you guess what was my favorite crochet project for 2016?

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Brand Focus: Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth

Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of first-rate stationery for schools, offices, and artists.

It was founded by Josef Hardtmuth in Vienna in 1790. However, in 1848 the production of graphite leads was relocated to ─îesk├ę Bud─Ťjovice, a city in Czech Republic. The pencils they have produced over the years have received recognition and awards in many world exhibitions. Since their inception, the brand has expanded their product range from pencils, to charcoal, chalk, crayons, watercolour, inks, and other drawing materials.

I’ve had the chance to visit Prague in Czech Republic recently, and of course I did not pass up the chance to score some products from the brand. I visited their store located in Na P┼Ö├şkop─Ť which is a shopping street in Prague’s first district.

Here are the items i bought: Mondeluz 12 Aquarelle Coloured Pencils, Size 8 Kolinsky┬áWatercolour Brush, 18 Pan Round Watercolours, and a “Gioconda” Aquarelle Pencil in 2B. (left to right)
Koh I Noor-1

I didn’t get to note down the prices for each item but I assure you they were definitely affordable. You can get these items too from Amazon where I saw a bunch of online resellers. If you’re in Singapore, you can buy Koh-I-Noor products from Overjoyed’s online store.

I have made a swatch of the items in the picture below.

Koh I Noor-2

For a quick review:

  • Round Watercolours – The colours from the pans are quite pigmented but a little chalky. It takes time to rewet the pans and pick the colour off to get into the brush. However for the price, the colours produced by the set is okay. I was even surprised when I used it to paint a portrait, the reds and oranges form the set produced a really nice flesh tone. I can easily whip up skin tones from the warm colours in the set. I’m not quite sure about the colours’ lightfastness but I doubt that they are.
  • Aquarelle Pencil in 2B – I’ve used this as my pencil for creating the outline before painting with watercolour. It writes easily without much pressure. Moreover, it seamlessly melts into your washes as long as you use a light hand when doing your line work.
  • Aquarelle Coloured Pencils – This set of watercolour pencils really impressed me. I think Koh-I-Noor does pencils really well. Anyway, the leads┬áare soft enough that you’re not digging into the paper to get that solid and super saturated colour you want. Once you wet it with your brush the pigment just melts and creates this vibrant wash of colour. One thing though, if you’re the type of person who mixes a lot of colours together, it might be a bit tricky doing it with these coloured pencils. I say try it first and practice with them. Also if you really want more colours, they offer a set with much more pencils in them.
  • Kolinsky Watercolour Brush – This has got to be my most favourite purchase out of all of them. I didn’t expect much from this brush since it was really affordable. However, I was blown away. Once I wet it, it became this really soft brush that holds a decent amount of water and still retains its pointed tip once you’ve used it. It made painting washes and small details easier by just using this one brush. I would dare say the quality is pretty comparable to much more expensive brushes like ones form Escoda.

There you have it a quick introduction to the brand Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth. For art supply hoarders like me, I hope this post gave you a few things to add to your wishlists!

Where Art Thou: Common Room x Power Plant Mall

Back in August of 2015, Common Room PH opened its magical doors to arts and crafts enthusiasts, makers, and curious beings alike. We cannot contain our excitement when we heard of its opening and, of course, shared it to you here.

True to its tagline, A place where makers gather, an extension of the store for┬áthose who do not have easy access to Katipunan in the North is a wise idea… where else but a south counterpart!┬áThe same time this year, a second store, almost twice the size of the Katipunan store, was opened (surprise!) in Power Plant Mall in Makati.


Unfortunately,┬áwe can’t get too much of a good thing. Their Rockwell counterpart is a pop-up with a theme #180DaysOfMaking and will last for only 180 days.



If haven’t dropped by this place yet,┬áthese photos might encourage you even more to visit the place before it’s too late!Read More »