Sundae Scroll #1


Have you ever observed children as they play?

Give them crayons, a piece of paper and the liberty to draw whatever, or wherever they want.

They’d go crazy scribbling lines in a multitude of directions and in a splash of colors far more extensive than the rainbow. You’ll see them doodling all over the paper, floor and walls. And, they wouldn’t feel sorry that they did.

We were all children once, unafraid and relentless in our ways. We colored outside the lines, before we grew up and we were taught to stay inside them. We used to travel to worlds our imaginations built, before we understood the world we live in, and decided this was enough for us. We’ve become so confined and fearful of how we should fit in, that we’ve lost touch of how we naturally stood out.


I hope we find it again in ourselvesย to be unapologetic for who we are, to be courageous enough to express ourselves creatively, and to live our lives uniquely.


6 thoughts on “Sundae Scroll #1

  1. It gives me motivation to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m often so scared what other people think about me and especially my works. But now I feel better and I try not to forget my inner child. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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