Where Art Thou: Bangkok Temples


bangkok temple art 2
Bangkok Temple-1
Bangkok Temple-10
Bangkok Temple-9
bangkok temple art 3

Apart from being regarded as a shopaholic’s paradise, Bangkok is famed as well for the incredible temples dotted around the city. In a perfect mixture of modern and traditional, solemn and chaotic, it is definitely bound to be a feast for the senses.

On 3 separate occasions we visited Bangkok, and true enough all of us were mesmerized by the intricately designed temples.

Each Thai temple (wat) is generally consisted of Phutthawat which is dedicated to housing the buddha and Sangkhawat which is the living quarters of the monks. One notable feature of these temples is the use of two or three tiered roofs using colorful tiles.  Also, on top of each roof is a roof finial that represents Garuda’s beak called the chofa. Other than the buddha, imageries of monkeys, demons, and other Hindu gods are prevalent in these temples. For more information on Thai temples read here.


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