Inside Out Reacts On Monday

Movie Poster by Stacey Aoyama (lettering work by Stacey Aoyama and Eric Tan) Available at Cyclops Print Works

The ingenious Pixar animated film (and in my opinion the best film of 2015), Inside Out, has introduced us to the five anthropomorphized emotions, who guides Riley to keep her safe and healthy everyday. In the Headquarters, which is located in Riley’s mind, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust control Riley’s reactions by using a control panel full of colorful buttons and levers. By pulling the lever at the center of the panel, the emotion controls how Riley reacts.

Now imagine, what will be the reactions of the five emotions when they realize that Monday is just around the corner? This is how I think they will react.


So who do you think is in control of the panel in your HQ?

Materials Used for the Character Illustration:
Van Gogh Watercolor and, ShinHan Watercolor and Gouache hybrid
Hahnemühle Watercolor block
Watercolor brushes (2, 2/0, 000)
Mathlete Type


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