Fear Me Series: Low Battery

For the past years, people are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices. The evolution of this dependency started with just a brick-sized battery-powered phone that could make a call without the need of physical connection to a phone line. Calls are made possible just by pulling out its long antenna. Few years passed, the cellular phone can be used to send text messages and to entertain users with its installed games. (By the way, I was obsessed with Nokia’s pre-loaded Snake game.) Then, mobile phones developed from boring monochromatic display to full color display, which greatly excited rainbow lovers everywhere. Buttons are even eliminated by the advanced touch screen technology. And these past few years, mobile phones do not just make calls and send text messages; the smart phones can now be used as a camera, navigator, document editor, movie player, pedometer, messenger,  gaming device and a whole lot more! With all of its functions and with how frequent it is used, a smart phone’s power easily drains that it motivated the creation of a device called a power bank.

Given how humans have become dependent on mobile devices, for the second installation of the Fear Me series, I introduce to you the Low Battery costume!

Watercolor Illustration of Halloween Costume with Low Battery

I confess that my mobile phone has become a body appendage that I feel uncomfortable and vulnerable if it is not within my reach or my field of vision. Sometimes, I just turn it on and swipe through my installed applications for a couple of seconds just because I could. Weirdly, mindlessly swiping satisfies me.

Materials Used for the Illustration:
Van Gogh and Koi Watercolor
Hahnemühle Watercolor block
Watercolor brushes (2, 2/0, 000)

If you like this post or if you are still looking for a Halloween costume, check out the other entries of the series!


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