Fear Me Series: Marty McFly Jr.

We’re descending toward Hill Valley, California, at 4:29 pm, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.” – Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D., 1985

AAAH!!! As the Doc would say, “Great Scott!” TODAY! IS! THE! DAY! Today is one of the important days in the Back to the Future realm!  And since it just so happens that the Fear Me series is ongoing and that I am a fan of the three Back to the Future movies, the awesome classic 80’s movie is of course featured. (And of course, the geek in me just had to publish this post at exactly 16:29 Philippine Standard Time.)

A fair warning, please note that if you have not watched all three movies, watch it first; then, read this post as this will contain spoilers.

Anyway, for the third installation of the series, here is a Marty McFly Jr. costume complete with a broken self-adjusting jacket, self-tying shoes, inside-out jeans pocket and a very colorful baseball cap!

Halloween Costume Watercolor Illustration Painting Back To The Future Marty McFly Jr

At first, it might seem odd to be afraid of Marty McFly Jr., after all he is not a threatening character like Griff Tannen. Just look at the rainbow-puked lenticular cap, he cannot possibly harm anyone. However, mull over on how he was initially screwed up since he was supposedly going to spend fifteen years in prison. He was supposed to be locked up for stupidly agreeing to join Griff’s plan to rob the Hill Valley Payroll Substation. And then, Marty McFly Sr. was also not doing well, since he was fired from his job. What a day it must have been! But all of these may have been prevented by Marty McFly (The Marty McFly from 1985). If Marty McFly did not recklessly drive just because he was afraid of being thought of as a coward, he would not have been fired from a job that he was not passionate about and his son would not have been sent to jail.

If you are trying to prove yourself to be different from your true self, be afraid of the possible consequences (probably an offspring to be shipped off to prison). Just remember to be proud of who you are, no matter the social stigma.

Materials Used for the Illustration:
Van Gogh and Koi Watercolor
Hahnemühle Watercolor block
Watercolor brushes (2, 2/0, 000)

If you like this post or if you are still looking for a Halloween costume, check out the other entries of the series!


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