Fear Me Series: No Internet

As you are reading this, most probably you have been sucked in to the vast fantastic world of the Internet; and we are lucky enough that you have stumbled upon this minute blog. Thank you so much! *Bribes readers with ice cream*

It is no doubt that you have an idea of the uses and the importance of the Internet, especially in the Information Age, as you are using it this exact moment. The internet makes it possible for us to show our art to whoever comes across this blog. And unlike using telegrams, I can send a message to a person in Canada in just a matter of seconds. And if I cannot control my need to hoard for art supplies, I can just go to my favorite online shop and buy more watercolor and watercolor paper! (How awesome is that?!)

And with the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows virtually unlimited opportunities and connections to be made, the internet becomes more powerful as it is not just for memes, Facebook and Online Shopping anymore. With IoT, household appliances can be automated such that delicious hot coffee is ready when my Smart Alarm goes off. (There is no need for a Rube Goldberg machine!) It is even possible to help whatever transport system to alleviate hopelessness of motorists and commuters in Metro Manila, if used properly. To the mastermind of the internet, we are eternally grateful!

With the endless possibilities, the importance of the virtual interconnectivity cannot be ignored. Given the incredible power of the internet, for the third entry of the series, here is a little girl who will unplug you from the Internet world if her candy cravings are not satisfied.

Children's Halloween Costume No Internet during Information Age

Just think; if you cannot connect to the internet, how will you share to the world that you are eating the mouth-watering, oil-dripping, coated with layers upon layers of cheese, meaty pizza.

Materials Used for the Illustration:
Van Gogh and Koi Watercolor
Hahnemühle Watercolor block
Watercolor brushes (2, 2/0, 000)

If you like this post or if you are still looking for a Halloween costume, check out the other entries of the series!


5 thoughts on “Fear Me Series: No Internet

  1. I love that! You do the best illustrations. And her ultimatum IS a scary one. Personally, I had been having internet trouble for like a month, until I finally broke down and bought a new router :/


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