Scare Squad Off Season

Scare Squad Off Season

(click on image for larger version)

Now that Halloween’s over, do you ever wonder what our scary friends do? I mean, it’s only one time in a year they ever get to go out and scare people. I’d like to believe they enjoy other activities too. As such, I’ve come up with this fun little post: Scare Squad Off Season. Enjoy!

Clockwise from the right:

  1. White Lady – dressed in white and equally as pale as her outfit, vacationing in a beach and working on her tan #beachbum
  2. Kapre – in Filipino folklore known to be a big hairy guy hanging around massive trees and smoking a cigar, well I’d like to think off season he would be chilling with a vape (you know, sorta health conscious)
  3. Count Dracula – of course you know him, with today’s people’s diet I guess it would be obvious that all our blood would be fatty and unhealthy, so after the Halloween hunting season he goes on to have a detox #healthyliving
  4. The Mummy – need to explain? Well, gotta replenish the 3-ply supply!
  5. The Witch – girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do, take care of them nails! #girlprobz


Materials used: Daler Rowney Watercolor Paper, Van Gogh Watercolor, Sakura Pigment Markers


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