Where Art Thou: Singapore Art Museum

The Building

Singapore Art Museum-1

Singapore Art Museum-2

Singapore Art Museum-3

The Singapore Art Museum houses contemporary art pieces form Southeast Asia in what was once the location of St. Joseph’s Institution, a Catholic boys’ school founded in 1855. Of course it has been renovated for the purpose of holding exhibits, and its permanent gallery, however, signs of the original architecture still remained. Old world charm meets modern art.

Singapore Art Museum-20

Singapore Art Museum-21

Singapore Art Museum-22

Singapore Art Museum-4

Singapore Art Museum-23

Ain’t these halls so Instagram worthy?? I specially love the tile flooring. 🙂

The Artworks

I have snapped a few of the artworks for you to have a glimpse. Seeing the artworks in person is an experience in itself, and a very personal one at that. I would highly recommend for you to visit the museum if you ever find yourself in Singapore.

Calendars (2020-2096) by Heman Chong

Singapore Art Museum-5

Singapore Art Museum-7

Singapore Art Museum-8

There were 1001 picture calendars displayed with dates from 2020 to 2096. The photographs were taken in common public places, and all of them had no human figures. None at all.

Endings and No Endings by Ringo Bunoan

Singapore Art Museum-13

Singapore Art Museum-14

Philippines represent! This exhibit is from a Filipina artist. Endings and No Endings displays the last pages of more than 100 novels. She raises the question to visitors, “what is closure without context?”

Raising Spirits and Restoring Souls by Zulkifle Mahmod

Singapore Art Museum-28

This one is a sound media installation. It produced a reimagined version of Singapore’s national anthem distilled down to its percussive beat. Zulkifle asks, “Does the song really resonate with Singaporeans? What is progress in this context? Most of us believe progress is a linear path; perhaps it is anything but.”

Bloodline of Peace by Suzann Victor

Singapore Art Museum-33

Singapore Art Museum-32

Singapore Art Museum-34

Yes, those are drops of blood. Each one was contributed by people that represents Singapore’s key communities such as the armed forces, medicine, civil defence, the arts, and the pioneer generation. Blood is a symbol of life, when given voluntarily saves lives, and when taken forcefully takes lives. In the artist’s words: “A transient state, ‘Peace’ is defined by absence – that of war and bloodshed. To be sustainable, commitment and preservation are necessary processes undertaken by civilians while armed and medical personnel are at the frontiers.”

Singapore Art Museum-30



Singapore Art Museum

Admission Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 7PM

Admission Charges:

Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents – Free

Adults – SGD 10

Students – SGD 5



Singapore Art Museum Official Website


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