Summer 2016: Flower Child

Flower Child-2

Off shoulders and flower crowns season is upon us. (for boys: sando season i guess? lol) Only one thing’s for sure, summer is definitely here! Aaaw yeah!

Summerrrrrr… Oh summer, how do I begin to describe thee? It’s that one season that all students look forward to. It’s the time for beach outings, and lazy afternoons. It’s the time to binge eat on halo-halo, and ice candy treats. It may mean no allowance for some, but it also means unlimited naps, and no alarm clocks in the mornings. Yes! No home works, no school works, no projects, and no exams… yes, yes, and yes! lol

However, for office goers like me, long summer vacations are just a nostalgic memory of my student days. The working class have no 2-month breaks. We sweat and tread through the hot and humid city just to get to the office. I know, it’s sad. Haha! But, fret not! It doesn’t mean we’ll just mope and feel sorry for ourselves during this glorious time that is summer. Hihi

Fellow working girls and boys, use some of those vacation leaves! Don’t let the season pass without dipping your toes into the pool or into the sand. Let your hair get swept by the wind while drinking that oh so cold watermelon shake. (this is me dreaming of when I’ll be able to do this lelz) Discover new places, and meet new people. Try new things, and eat your way through your trips. Forget about those calories! It may be a weekend break or a whole week off, take it! Have fun with your family and friends!

Frankly speaking, I need to take this advice too. Haha! So, see you on the beach? 🙂

Materials used:

  • Daler Rowney 300gsm Watercolor Paper
  • Holbein Transparent Cake Colors, Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors
  • Sakura Gelly Roll Pen in White

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