Sundae Scroll #8: Easter Eggs (and 5 ways to decorate them)

Quick trivia: Have you ever wondered why eggs are used as the symbol for Easter?

It is said that the word Easter originated from the word Eastre/Eostre, celebrated as the goddess of spring by the Saxons of Northern Europe. A festival called Eastre was held during the spring equinox in honor of her, and the name for the celebration of the sunrise and the change of seasons has been adapted by Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and a new era. [1]

Eggs are said to be the symbol of fertility and new life in many cultures around the world. It has also become a tradition around the world to decorate Easter eggs and hold Easter egg hunts.

Check out 5 different ways to decorate Easter eggs and get them ready for your egg hunts below!

1. Marbled Eggs


2. Speckled and Sponged Eggs


3. Keep Adding Water to the Color


4. Stick a New Piece of Tape Before Every New Layer of Dye


5. and last but not the least, our all time favorite… Sharpie!



PS. Here’s a bonus link from Buzzfeed for the LOLs: Easter butts! (and how they made them)


Happy Easter, everyone!


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