Finding Magic in the Mundane

Sundae Scoops watercolor painting elephant slide by elaine valerie ramos

At times, life can be boring. Daily routines take over that we cannot find the magic; we cannot be excited by the things that happen to us every day. And it can be difficult to find excitement in the ordinary, when you see everybody else in your social media is chasing the extraordinary. When people started bringing #YOLO to the next level, it has changed the way the people construe happiness. People should remember that living an extraordinary life can also mean slowing down and taking time to notice the ordinary things.

Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we’re too busy chasing down the extraordinary.

Dr. Brené Brown

We keep forgetting that magical moments that make you feel happy and fulfilled can be found even in random little moments. There are mundane moments that leave you feeling enchanted. Unfortunately, they are often left unnoticed. It can be as simple as watching a multi-colored bubble float and then pop. It can also be noticing a person light up and smile.

Sundae Scoops close up watercolor painting elephant slide by elaine valerie ramos

Starting to live a magical life does not mean receiving your Hogwarts letter. (I am still hoping for this one, though.) It starts when we see what makes us happy even in simple things.

Are you willing to find the magic in the mundane?


Materials Used for the illustration:
Van Gogh Watercolor and Shin Han Pass Hybrid
Hahnemühle Watercolor block


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