Sundae Scoops Tries Crochet!

On a scale of 1 to crochet-and-knitting, how tita are you?

“Lunch tayo sa labas!” (Let’s eat lunch out!)
“Tinatamad akong lumabas ng bahay eh.” (I’m too lazy to leave the house.)

“Guys, gusto niyo bang i-try mag-crochet?” (Guys, do you want to try crochet?)
“Ooooohh! Sige! Hindi ako marunong… pero sige!” (Ooooohh! Sure! I don’t know how to crochet… but yes let’s do this!)
“Why not?! Huli kong nasubukan ‘yan, sa home economics class noong grade school pa tayo. Hahaha.” (Why not?! The last time I tried crochet was during our home economics class since grade school. Hahaha.)

These were the conversations my friends and I had in the past few weeks. While most people would enjoy hanging out in the mall or watching a movie or at least going somewhere out there for an adventure, we’d rather sleep or stay at home… or try activities that remind us now of a growing familiar phrase, #TitaVibes.

This was our first time to try the craft so our first agenda was to get the basic materials: a yarn and a hook. First thing that pops up when you Google crochet / gantsilyo in Manila would be the store Elaine has initially purchased some hooks online, but as visual persons, we’d never pass the chance of seeing the actual store (with excitement!).


The plan was easy. Get some hooks and a ball of yarn. In my mind, we’re starting the crochet session early.



Hooks: CHECK!

Next agenda, yarn. I thought it was easy, but look at the room and you’d think of two words: YARN. HEAVEN.



Name a color and I doubt you won’t find that in this room.


Because they even have gradients.


…and threads made of different materials.





Our original plan for the afternoon was to pick out a ball of thread and arm ourselves with crochet hooks by browsing the store for a maximum of an hour. The space wasn’t too big but, obviously, we ended up browsing for two hours (or more… honestly, I lost track of time) because we couldn’t decide on the color, the thickness, and the thread material. (Aaahhhh!!! There’s so much to choose from!) You’d also expect that we’d start the crochet session once we got back at my place. NO. We spent another hour browsing the web for patterns and stitches to use for our first crochet project… started a few stitches… until it’s time to call it a day.

The crochet never stopped (and guess who’s turning into a crochet addict? *cough* Elaine *cough*) and we owe you another story about the projects we’ve been working on. Soon.



Gantsilyo Guru Selections is a quaint little store in Kapitolyo owned by Gantsilyo Guru herself, Trey Ajusto. If you want to see their pretty and colorful selection of yarns and threads, you can find the physical store at Unit 306 Emerald Place, #604 Shaw Boulevard, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. You can also check out their Instagram and online store at


3 thoughts on “Sundae Scoops Tries Crochet!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all those pictures of yarn! I haven’t crocheted in ages – I know all about how addictively fun it can be! ^_^ I can’t wait to see some of your projects.


    • I agree. We can’t stop hoarding for more threads! We’ll be posting our projects soon. You should also check out the website we linked, it has an online shop and a blog featuring awesome crochet projects as well. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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