Pusong Pinoy


After many tirades left and right, the Philippine’s National Election recently concluded. Although there were many opposing opinions, and stands on whom would best lead the country, one thing is for sure, the Filipino people are hungry to make the country a better place. I, as a Filipino, do too.

Does it all just begin, and end with the election? Now, do we sit back, relax, and wait for change?

I hope not. If there’s one thing I wish we should take away from this year’s most opinionated, and most divisive election yet, it is that we have the power to change the country. We know what we want, we better act the part, and contribute to the change we wish to see. If we are criticial of our public officials, the same amount of criticism should be applied to us too. The government will only work just as well as how much we, as a nation, manifest being a Filipino with dignity, and pride. I believe our country would be a better place if all of us would love, and respect it a little bit more.

After everything that was said and done, is the Filipino heart still as fiery, and passionate? Does your heart kababayan still bleed red, yellow, and blue?



Materials used:

  • Arches 300gsm Watercolor Paper
  • Holbein Transparent Cake Colors
  • Escoda Optimo Watercolor Brushes

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