Where Art Thou: The New Hey Kessy Store Location

If you’re a fellow crafter or art hoarder, chances are, you’ve found and followed it online searching for that pretty set of washi tape rolls or that mod podge you can’t find in regular bookstores. You might have even visited the physical store more than once! *wink wink* We also mentioned about this quaint little arts and crafts store along Esteban Abada as the starting point for Katipunan Art Festival 2015.

We moved because I felt like it was time to level up, and if we really wanted to promote the handmade movement, we should also tap not just the ‘crafters’ or artists, but regular people—those who don’t see themselves as creative. (Mansy Abesamis, Hey Kessy store owner)

As a Katipunan kid myself, I couldn’t help but visit the place from time to time. How I wish these things existed back in college because going to this place now would mean having to experience a long grueling journey from the south of the metro… special thanks to Metro Manila traffic. For every visit I make, there’s always something new… and it’s like I’ve never been here before even if I have. I’d always say, “Wow, UP Town Center got even bigger!”or “Was this store here when I last came?”

If it weren’t for Hey Kessy’s announcement a few months back that they’re moving to this new wing at the Ayala Mall, I wouldn’t have discovered Urban Turf. Here I go again with… “Wow, UP Town Center got even bigger!” “This place wasn’t here when I last came!”

In case you haven’t been to this area in UP Town Center yet, the new Hey Kessy at Urban Turf is a bigger and brighter new place.


Even from the other end of the store, these colorful rolls caught my eyes instantly. Hey Kessy is known for their washi tapes. It’s what always comes to my mind to check out in the store first.


(I’d like that whole top rack please! Ten rolls plus one, right? Hihihi.)


Upon entering the store, I was surprised it was more than just the usual washi tapes (even if I saw them immediately) and craft items. If you will notice, there are new additions to the variety of colorful knick-knacks you can see in the racks. The new store features two sub-brands that stick to the vision of bringing out the inner artist in everyone.


After Nine Keeper is a curated pop-up space for a variety of art forms — handmade items, poetry, comic books, pop culture prints, and even music! It was named because of the idea that everyone can still make art as a form of hobby, learning, or relaxation, even after a very busy day.







Let’s Be Makers, on the other hand, developed from the hashtag promoted by Mansy around two years ago. Almost all, if not anything and everything, about making different forms of crafts: it’s here.

From mod podge…


…to water color and stamping supplies…


…to jute strings and paper twines…


…ink, pens, and pen holders.


Aaaaaaggghhhh! Some more pens!


…and, of course, something to write on.



Aren’t they pretty? 😍


There’s also a selection of art books written by our favorite local artists. (Yay, Pinoy talent!)



I found myself staring back at the washi tape corner. There’s so many, I just couldn’t decide!



It’s the ultimate heaven for crafters, and who wouldn’t come back for more? Share to us what you’ve bought, or show us your finished craft project made out of items from the store! 😉


Hey Kessy is run by Manila-based crafter and entrepreneur Mansy Abesamis. It aims to democratize arts+crafts by making washi tape and other arts and crafts materials more affordable and readily available in the Philippines. The studio promotes in building a healthy crafting community by collaborating with other artists and holding workshops

For orders, inquiries, art projects, and collaborations, send an e-mail to contact@heykessy.com, visit their website. Hey Kessy can also be found at Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. The new Hey Kessy store is located at 2/F Urban Turf, UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. It is open on Mondays to Thursday from 11AM-9PM and on Fridays to Sundays from 10AM-10PM.


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