Going Sugar Free

These past few months, I have been hooked on crochet. Yes, pun intended. πŸ˜† Every time I finish a project, I am finding it harder to put down my hook. Unknowingly, I have more than ten browser tabs open every end of the day; all containing new prospects for a next crochet project. Sometimes, I surprise myself by not buying a new yarn!

Since I have probably spent so much time stalking yarns (yes, it is a thing.), Facebook introduced me to Yarns by Sugar Free! Thank you so much, Facebook algorithm.

Every few weeks, Sugar Free releases a limited number of multi-colored multi-strand yarns. The first yarn I bought from Sugar Free is this lovely cake, which they call the MYC Unicorn Fart V2.0 from the Cottonbery Diamond Line. I’ll be honest, I bought the yarn for two reasons:

  1. Yummy eye-catching colors
  2. The name. I see unicorn; I have this unexplainable urge to buy it.

Sundae Scoops Crochet using Sugar Free Yarn Unicorn Fart 2.0

Here is a closer look of the yarn.

Crochet Yarn MYC Unicorn Fart 2.0 by Sugar Free

This cotton yarn has seven colors and, the white threads have some sparkly element to it. I cannot help myself but, be enraptured by the most beautiful fart that I have ever seen.

MYC Unicorn Fart: Sundae Scoops Elaine Valerie Ramos crochet Virus shawl using Sugar Free

And of course, I just had to make a Virus Shawl. For this project, I used a size 4.00mm crochet hook and one pull of the Sugar Free yarn.

Sundae Scoops Elaine Valerie Ramos crochet Virus shawl using Sugar Free

And here is the Unicorn Fart Virus Shawl that I created! 😍 For me, the yarn was perfect for creating this light and soft shawl. It will definitely turn any cold dark night into a warm, colorful and sparkly night!

Sundae Scoops Elaine Valerie Ramos crochet Virus shawl using Sugar Free

And surprise, surprise… I am waiting for the next delivery of another yarn from Yarns by Sugar Free!

What crochet project should I do next?

Yarns by Sugar Free is the home for hand-winded multiple yarn strands in the Philippines.Β The people who created Sugar-Free eagerly wish that their passion and art for yarns and yarn crafts infect the world.

Yarns by Sugar Free was started by the passionate fiber artist, Sheila Laurel, as a way to earn extra income for her diabetic son’s medical needs. Now, Yarns by Sugar Free has expanded and has three creative artists who continually innovate yarns for crochet enthusiasts and artists. The yarns they create comprise different colors that represent the artful way of life in the Philippines.

The yarns they sell are cotton and acrylic multi-strands winded together to create the unique color combination that aims to bring more expression into the craft projects. Upon writing this entry, they offer Rumple Yarns, Skyeline Yarns, Cottonberry Yarns, Handspun Yarns, Rumpleberry Yarns and Swirls. You can learn more about the different mixes of yarn they sell on their page.



4 thoughts on “Going Sugar Free

  1. Beautiful! Crocheting can be very addictive for sure! How can it not be though when there are such lovely yarns and wonderful patterns to be tried and beautiful creations to be made. πŸ™‚

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