The Art of Journaling

Art Journal-1

Making a comeback into the scene recently is journaling. More particularly, art journaling is becoming more popular. Even in the advent of modern digital technology, people still feel the urge to go analogue. As such, a lot of people are still keeping handwritten planners or journals.

In this day and age when’ve we’ve lost touch of creating something with our bare hands, I believe that it’s important to commit to an act of creativity daily. It keeps you away form your electronic devices even for just a while, giving you time to really relax, and have a proper time out from all the concerns that pester you constantly. It can be pretty cathartic too when you let yourself freely engage into the activity.

Journal writing is such an engaging activity. Based on experience, half of the time I spent journaling is spent on choosing the washi tapes to use for my page. Haha! Kidding aside, not only does journaling engage you by making you sit down, slow down, and create something, it also frees your mind as you pour your thoughts into the paper. It’s kind of therapeutic if you ask me.

So you want to try journaling but don’t know where to start? Just get a notebook, a pen, blast some tunes or find a quiet spot, and just start scribbling, doodling, and writing. It doesn’t have to look perfect, remember you are journaling for you and not for everyone else to see. Do what you feel like doing.

Want to take it a step further, and try art journaling? Add any of these optional items to your arsenal – washi tapes (there’s never too many *hoarder alert*), stickers, watercolor, brush pen, stamps and ink pads, etc. You can even collect old vintage stamps to stick to your journal, or ephemera from your travels or events you’ve attended.

Art Journal-2

Art Journal-3

There are no set rules here except one – have fun!



One thought on “The Art of Journaling

  1. This is so beautiful. I want to practice so that my drawing can be as good as yours inside my journal! I write a lot about travel journaling and I made a post about 100 things to keep in one if you ever wanted to check it out!


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