My Favorite 2016 Project

This year, I fell in love with crochet. It is at a point wherein every time I finish a crochet project, I look for more projects and buy more yarn. Right now, I have about a dozen things I want to create. And, I just realized that after just months of starting crochet, I have more shawls that I would ever need in this Philippine weather.

However, crochet products are not limited to clothes and kitchen accessories. This year, I learned that stuffed toys can be made with crochet. Can you guess what was my favorite crochet project for 2016?

It is a sleepy eye pug doll!

When I first saw amigurumi on the internet, I said to myself I had to make at least one! I spent hours looking for patterns and ideas. Luckily, I chanced upon Emi Kanesada (Enna Design) on Etsy. When I saw that she was selling the pattern of a sleepy pug, I was ecstatic. After a couple seconds of thinking whether I should buy the pattern or not, I just clicked the cart button and hoped that I can find the materials that I need.

Some may call it addiction; I just call it uncontrolled fondness for crochet!

Luckily, I found almost everything I needed at Gantsilyo Guru Selections! (I only had to buy the grey thread at another store. Everything else was in their store. How convenient!) And then after days of crocheting, I finished the crochet pug doll! (With special help from JP who installed the eyes onto the pug’s head. :D)

Well, that was my favorite project for 2016. I hope I can make more crochet dolls and other crochet projects in the coming years!

What is your favorite project this 2016?

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