Graphika Manila 2017: Day One

Another year, another Graphika Manila!

Yes. Day. One. Because ever since last year, Graphika Manila holds a two-day conference!

(Side comment: First “vlog” for me! Oo, “vuma-vlog” na!)

It practically became a tradition for Via and I to attend the awesome conference on creativity every year. Every year, we learn, and see new things from the incredible speakers from all over the world! Every year, we also hope to win a raffle prize. But, for n-years straight, we are still unlucky. šŸ˜¢ Well, there is still a next year! šŸ˜›

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Where Art Thou: Defining Quirino

Defining Quirino at Ayala Museum Sundae Scoops

ā€œOur country deserves all the loyalty and devotion we can give. I beseech you to summon all the big and noble in you, all that is earnest, all that is patriotic, all that is sincere, to help set a pattern of sanity and constructive action in these days of bitterness and political bewilderment.ā€

ā€“President Elpidio Rivera Quirino

These words said by the late President of the Third Republic of the Philippines still ring true; especially now, when the majority is clamoring that they want a change for a better country.

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Where Art Thou: Our People by Solenn Heussaff

“I’ve been saying it for years, that I’ll do an exhibit,” says Solenn Heussaff. “[At one point,] I just had to set a date because if I don’t set a date, it’s never gonna happen.”

For three years, she’s been talking about this upcoming exhibit that will be available for everyone to see. Finally, for one whole month, starting April 8 until today, twenty five (25) of Solenn’s life-sized oil paintings were openĀ for public viewing.

Photo by Patrick Diokno

We’ve known Solenn as anĀ actress, a model, a TV host, and a professional make-up artist. She has been involved in different fields of arts being the house designer for local knitwear brand Tan-Gan and, as an actress, a close collaborator with legendary director Peque Gallaga. Little did we know, this woman is also good with the paintbrush. She took formal classes when she was young, and has been practicing the craft since then, in between her gigs and photoshoots.

“Painting relaxes my mind and helps me press my emotions without saying a word and without the worldā€™s judgments.”

Her soulful paintings wereĀ inspired by around-the-world travels, from Myanmar to Thailand to France to Bukidnon to General Santos, made with family and friends for the past 27 years or so. When I heard that she’s holding an exhibit, I was too giddy and excited about seeing them all because… local art scene!

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Where Art Thou: Art in the Park

Summer in Manila is no joke. You’d rather stay inside the house on a Sunday afternoon than go outdoors. The heat was making me choose whether I’d stay in my room and do another series marathon or go out walking under theĀ sun and visit Art in the Park. But, of course, for the love of art, I found myself finally joining the huge crowd… which I didn’t really expect to be as huge considering the heatĀ because, wow, Manila summer and global warming.

Art in the Park

In its 10th year anniversary, Art in The Park featured 60 different galleries, collectives, and groups. Live art and hundreds of canvases, furnitures, and art in different forms — paint, ceramic pottery, wheels and wires, threads, coffee, and a whole lot more that were on sale.

Even the cotton candy sold by Kuya were made like art. Check out this unicorn cotton candy in the making! Ā šŸ˜›


For an art collector, this wasĀ the ultimate art heaven because everything wasĀ tagged at an affordable price. For all of us who love art, it was a feast for the eyes! In case you missed it, don’t worry because Art in the Park will be back next year. Meanwhile, here are some of the photos from this year’s event. šŸ˜‰

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On Point: Branding and Marketing Art and Culture

Branding and Marketing Art and Culture
Promotional AidĀ from Lopez Museum and Library

While scrolling through my social media feed, aĀ promotional aid caught my attention.Ā There will be a presentation on branding and marketing art and culture to be held at Lopez Museum and Library! And the museum has invitedĀ the following panelists:

Looking at the list, how can I deprive myself fromĀ learning new things from these game changers?! Count me in! (No questions asked.)Ā After waiting impatiently, October 3 finally arrived! IĀ was even early for the event, probably due to myĀ bursting anticipation.

And now, here are a couple things that I have learned from the different speakers.

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Graphika Manila 2016: Blind / Matthew Encina

If you think we’ve had enough of the Graphika Manila talks, think again. We’re still on a high from all the inspiring things every speaker shared!Ā Different stories, different ways of creating — but one thing made us gather here: passion.

Before he started pitching those crazy awesome ideas, Matthew Encina told us about his love for video games and how heĀ spent thousands of hours playing them. Who’d have known that something our moms kept telling usĀ back in the days were unproductive-activities-go-stretch-your-muscles-play-outside turned out to be a good thing after all?

Blind is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Santa Monica, California. They have produced award-winning videos that combine design, animation, live action and visual effects. For over 19 years, Blind has worked with Fortune 500 companies to start-ups including Microsoft, Xbox, Nike, Sony Playstation, Mitsubishi Motors, Audi UK, Electronic Arts and artists such as Justin Timberlake and Coldplay. Blind is represented by creative director, Matthew Encina.



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Graphika Manila 2016: Timothy Goodman

Even if weeks have already passed, I amĀ still on a “Graphika Manila high”! So, here is another Graphika Manila post featuring another inspiring and influential artist. #SorryNotSorry

After his talk, Timothy Goodman has single-handedly caused black ink Sharpie to be flying out of the bookstore’s shelves. It seems like an exaggeration but when I arrived at the permanent marker aisle of the store, there were only a handful of Sharpies left and more people carrying Graphika Manila bags are heading our way. And of course, his books are out of stock both at the event and the nearby bookstores.Ā (If anyone knows where I can find the Sharpie Art Workshop book, please comment below. And if you are oozing with generosity and would want to give this as a gift just because the world can be a better place then, I will be eternally grateful. šŸ˜€)

Who is this man you ask? Aside from being the author of the book I want so bad, Timothy Goodman is just a New-York based designer, illustrator and art director. Some of his clients areĀ Airbnb, Google, Ford, J. Crew, Target, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. HeĀ co-wrote 40 Days of Dating, which is also now a book. (Did I mention that Warner Brothers optioned to haveĀ film rights for 40 Days of Dating?).

Timothy Goodman

Graphika Manila 2016 Timothy Goodman
Image from Graphika Manila

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Graphika Manila 2016: Valerie Chua

This year, the much-awaited conference on creativity, was again made better than its previous year’s event; especially, with its 12 amazing speakers, a lettering workshop, an open forum, an art book sale and an after party! On its first day of the main event, Valerie Chua, Velvet Spectrum, Si Scott, Imaginary Forces, Vault49 and Timothy Goodman inspired thousands of Filipinos to pursue and to continue on living a creative life.

Valerie Chua

Valerie Chua at Graphika Manila 2016
Image from Graphika Manila

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Sundae Scroll: The Power of Design

At the heart of every business is a service whose aim is to be the consumerā€™s first choice. To make this happen, the product must be easily remembered. But how?

In the recently concluded Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) SME Ā Summit 2015 held in Manila weeks ago, Tony Fernandes, founder and CEO of AirAsia, talked about how he managed to turn an airline company into one of Asiaā€™s biggest players in the budget airline industry with no experience at all.

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