The Life Hacks of Presentable Writing on Multiple Pieces of Blank Paper

Yes, Sundae Scoops is alive. Hallelujah!

If you’ve been wondering where we’ve been… the three of us went on a mini holiday break last December. I extended finishing some projects a few weeks after. Elaine and I attended Graphika Manila last week… and finally, we’re back… with stories to tell. *wink wink*

I’ve been doing some envelope addressing projects for friends’ weddings recently and I thought I might share one of the “shortcuts” I used to get them done on time.Read More »


Where Art Thou: Qur’an and Manuscript Gallery at I.A.M.M.

These past few weeks, we have shown you the ancient art of lacquer painting in Vietnam and the home of the famous works of Gustav Klimt in Vienna. This week, I would like to show you a place where you can learn a thing or two about the most fundamental element of Islamic art, which is Islamic calligraphy.

Islamic calligraphy is the highly venerated practice of handwriting for the lands sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage. Its development of becoming one of the major forms of artistic expression in Islamic cultures can be attributed to the Qur’an as it is a common text upon which Islamic calligraphy is based. It is said that in Islamic calligraphy, the pupil would copy their master’s work repeatedly until their handwriting was similar.

Come on! Let’s go and take a peek inside the Qur’an and Manuscript Gallery of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia!

Sundae Scoops Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia marker

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On Point: Branding and Marketing Art and Culture

Branding and Marketing Art and Culture
Promotional Aid from Lopez Museum and Library

While scrolling through my social media feed, a promotional aid caught my attention. There will be a presentation on branding and marketing art and culture to be held at Lopez Museum and Library! And the museum has invited the following panelists:

Looking at the list, how can I deprive myself from learning new things from these game changers?! Count me in! (No questions asked.) After waiting impatiently, October 3 finally arrived! I was even early for the event, probably due to my bursting anticipation.

And now, here are a couple things that I have learned from the different speakers.

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Graphika Manila 2016: Timothy Goodman

Even if weeks have already passed, I am still on a “Graphika Manila high”! So, here is another Graphika Manila post featuring another inspiring and influential artist. #SorryNotSorry

After his talk, Timothy Goodman has single-handedly caused black ink Sharpie to be flying out of the bookstore’s shelves. It seems like an exaggeration but when I arrived at the permanent marker aisle of the store, there were only a handful of Sharpies left and more people carrying Graphika Manila bags are heading our way. And of course, his books are out of stock both at the event and the nearby bookstores. (If anyone knows where I can find the Sharpie Art Workshop book, please comment below. And if you are oozing with generosity and would want to give this as a gift just because the world can be a better place then, I will be eternally grateful. 😀)

Who is this man you ask? Aside from being the author of the book I want so bad, Timothy Goodman is just a New-York based designer, illustrator and art director. Some of his clients are Airbnb, Google, Ford, J. Crew, Target, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. He co-wrote 40 Days of Dating, which is also now a book. (Did I mention that Warner Brothers optioned to have film rights for 40 Days of Dating?).

Timothy Goodman

Graphika Manila 2016 Timothy Goodman
Image from Graphika Manila

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The Drop Cap Series: Practice Makes Progress


To be good at any craft, there must always be an effort to improve and become better. We don’t have amazing superpowers like the X-Men, the Avengers, or the Powerpuff Girls, so we must include practice of craft in our routine. Read tutorials, check out inspiring works by other artists, go to museums, attend workshops: there are so many learning options available out there but the best way to do it is to pick up that pen, brush, or whatever tool you use and apply what you learned.Read More »