Let’s Get Crafty: Daiso’s Needle Felting Animal Kit

What is needle felting?

It is the process of turning wool roving into 3-D objects using a sharp needle. Basically what you’ll need are a wool, felting needle, and felting surface.

Wool that is used for needle felting is called roving wool. However, other types of wool of your liking can also be used.

The felting needle is different from the regular sewing or tapestry needly, in that it has very sharp barbed blades on it that helps agitate the wool.

Lastly, the felting surface can be a thick piece of sponge or foam. It prevents you from poking yourself with the needle. This one I didn’t have when I tried the kit from Daiso. As such, I poked my finger in the process. Ouch! Top tip: be very careful in handling the needle, and please use a felting surface to rest your wool on.

How to do needle felting?

Poke! Poke! and Poke! hahaha! Form your wool or roll it into the shape you desire, and begin poking it with your needle. As you agitate the wool more, you will feel it becoming more stiff. This means the wool is beginning to felt together. As you repeat the process, the more you poke the wool the smaller and more compact it gets.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, but be very careful in handling the felting needle. It’s no fun stabbing yourself with it. Daiso’s kit is very affordable. With the price SGD 2 you can already try needle felting. They come in very cute designs too!




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